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Poultry - Non-Chlorinated Cleaners PDF Print E-mail

PI 1200 - A blend of acids, inhibitors and surfactants developed for removing rust and scales and neutralizing alkalis from lines, equipment and surfaces.

PI 2100 NC - Non-chlorinated tray / cage wash especially formulated for use in automatic power washers when chlorine is not desired.

PI 3200 - Caustic cleaner designed for hard-water cleaning of water lines, equipment, bottle washing and hard-to-remove soils and coatings.

PI 3400 - Medium foaming silicate based detergent specifically developed for use in poultry, swine and dairy industries.

PI 4000 - Non-foaming, phosphoric acid based detergent and deoxidizer. PI 4100 is an excellent milk stone remover, descaler and neutralizer. Safe on most metals. Brightens soft metals such as aluminum and galvanized.

PI 4100 - Medium foaming version of PI 4000. See above.

PI 4200 - High foaming, heavy duty concentrate containing phosphoric acid and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid specifically formulated for cleaning proteins, fats, greases, oils, carbohydrates or any other undesirable elements in farm areas.

PI D'Solve - A glycol based liquid degreasing detergent. Excellent for all types of cleaning applications where dirt, grease, fats, carbon and any other hard to remove items are present.

Quik Clean + - High foaming, neutral pH, general purpose cleaner designed for use on farm premises, poultry and turkey farms, breeders, laying operations, hatcheries, swine premises and dairy farms.

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