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ALKAWASH is a concentrated alkaline vehicle, truck and equipment-cleaning compound developed  for cleaning challenging soil, dirt and road grime. ALKAWASH is a balanced blend of alkaline builders, water conditioning agents, complex wetting, emulsifying and foaming compounds.

DENATURE R (RED), G (GREEN), B (BLUE) are a series of denaturants for condemned meat and poultry products intended for disposal as tankage. DENATURE is formulated with food grade dyes in a liquid base and are applicable for use in USDA inspected facilities

HS-100 is a powdered heavy duty compound developed specifically as a hog scald agent for use in applications sanctioned by USDA and approved as a proprietary substance with specific use designation.

DIGEX is a liquid blend of bacterial organisms and enzymes developed as a digesting agent and used in applications as a sewer line and waste pond treatment. Use applications in all types of industries.

PROMAX is a liquid alkaline concentrated and fast rinsing detergent developed for washing of all types of equipment, trucks, tractors and vehicles. PROMAX is formulated with biodegradable wetting and emulsifying agents and contains excellent water conditioners, dispersants and alkaline hydroxide as detergent builder. Product is intended for industrial and agricultural use applications.

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