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BACSAN is a liquid antibacterial hand soap containing 1.0% quaternary ammonium chloride as the active germicidal ingredient. BACSAN is formulated with high sudsing synthetic soaps and conditioners to assure clean and sanitized hands. Product of choice for applications in all types of USDA inspected facilities.

PRIMA is a premium lotionized hand soap formulated with skin emollients and conditioners to keep hands smooth and soft. PRIMA also contains high-sudsing anionic and nonionic surfactants and is developed for use by all types of industries.

SANCARE is a liquid iodine base germicidal hand soap developed for washing and sanitizing hands in USDA inspected facilities. SANCARE germicidal hand soap contains 0.3% iodine (3,000 p.p.m.) as the active ingredient, along with cleaning agents and glycerin as the primary emollient and skin conditioner.

PURGE is a liquid washing and bleaching compound containing hypochlorite solution specifically developed for cleaning and whitening floors, walls, tables and plastic ware in the food processing, dairy and beverage industries. PURGE can also be used as a hand dip-sanitizing compound in USDA inspected facilities.

SENNIA is a benzalkonium chloride based instant, hand foaming sanitizer. Sienna contains no alcohol, therefore making it non-flammable and less drying to skin.  SENNIA produces a fast drying, non-sticky foam that contains unique non-drying, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, leaving the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel.

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