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PEEL-MASTER is a liquid concentrated fruit and vegetable wash additive developed to help accelerate the peeling action of caustic soda solution in canning applications for tomatoes and certain fruits. PEEL-MASTER can also be applied as a detergent wash to wash cold pack and canning vegetables. Product is formulated with FDA sanctioned low foaming ingredients and is approved by USDA to be applied in inspected facilities.

VEGQUEST is a liquid concentrated vegetable wash and additive containing FDA sanctioned deter- gent phosphates and powerful anti-soil redeposition polymers formulated for washing fruits and vegetables containing heavy mineral deposits such as oxalates. VEGQUEST is a  non-foaming liquid intended for use by the canning and general food processing industries.

VEGSPRAY is a liquid concentrated fruit and vegetable washing detergent containing FDA sanctioned wetting agents, dispersants and alkaline detergents intended to remove soil and dirt off of all types of vegetables and fruits prior to processing.

LACTINE acid cleaner and wash is a unique blend of organic and mineral acid developed for applications in the canning industry as an acid vegetable rinse, food processing and dairy industries as an acid rinse and general industry for neutralizing and soap buildup removal. LACTINE is a balanced blend of citric acid, lactic acid and phosphoric acid formulated for use by the food and dairy industries.

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