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ALKABASE is a powdered, concentrated alkaline detergent developed for removing stubborn soils in food plants. Formulation contains sodium hydroxide, anti-redeposition agents, sequesterants, wetting agents, and chlorinating compound. ALAKBASE is widely used to clean and brighten (non-aluminum) lines, vats, pasteurizers, cookers in the food and dairy processing industries.

ALKAGEN is a heavy duty chelated caustic soda based cleaner blended with anti-redeposition agents and wetting agents developed for heavy soiled applications and bottle washing. ALKAGEN can be used for soak, boil-out and pipeline cleaning in the food, dairy and beverage industries.

ALKAPLUS is a powdered alkaline cleaner that is formulated to provide the user with the option to apply as a gel for better adhesion to surfaces or as a liquid cleaner in soak, spray or pipeline circulation. Formula contains sodium hydroxide as the alkaline builder and is blended with water conditioning and chelating agents, anti-redeposition compounds, wetting agents and thickeners. ALKAPLUS provides a unique concept in cleaning for the food processing, dairy, beverage and general industry.

ALKASIL is a chlorinated alkaline manual cleaner containing silicate builders, phosphated detergents and water softeners, dispersants, high foaming wetting agents and chlorinating compound. ALKASIL is an effective cleanser for all type of manual, scrub and pressure cleaning applications.


is a liquid concentrated heavy duty foaming detergent developed for applications where fast penetrating action and saponification of fats and oils is desired. ALKALINE-600 is a balanced formulation containing alkaline hydroxide builders, water conditioning agents, anti-soil redeposition polymers, degreasers and high foaming emulsifying and wetting agents. Intended for applications in the food processing, dairy and beverage industries.

ALKAFLO-750 concentrated heavy-duty pipeline and bulk tank cleaner is developed to provide maximum hydroxide alkalinity along with dispersing agents, water softeners, wetting agents and iron inhibiting ingredients. ALKAFLO-750 is an economical alternative to most pipeline cleaners due to its high dilution rates.

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