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is a liquid alkaline concentrated low foaming spray and circulating detergent formulated for use applications in food processing, dairy, beverage and general industry. ALKAFLO-100 contains a blend of alkaline silicates, hydroxides and phosphates blended with low foaming wetting agents, water conditioners and anti-soil redeposition compounds.

ALKAFLO-150 is an alkaline liquid chlorinated C.I.P. and bulk tank cleaner formulated with potassium hydroxide (for better risibility) water softening agents, anti-redeposition polymers, dispersants and chlorinating compound. Effective protein and butter fat removal properties at economic use dilutions make ALKAFLO-150 a preferred choice.

ALKAFLO-250 is a concentrated premium, liquid chlorinated, potassium hydroxide (for better risibility) base cleaner with extra water softening agents, anti-redeposition polymers, alkali silicate dispersants and chlorinating agent. Product of choice when experiencing system inefficiencies and/or water hardness.

ALKAFLO-350s a heavy duty liquid alkaline pipeline and bulk tank cleaner containing sodium hydroxide, anti-redeposition polymers, water softening agents, stabilizing and chlorinating agent. ALKAFLO-350 is recommended for applications where heavy butterfat and oily soils are encountered.

ALKAFLO-750 concentrated heavy-duty pipeline and bulk tank cleaner is developed to provide maximum hydroxide alkalinity along with dispersing agents, water softeners, wetting agents and iron inhibiting ingredients. ALKAFLO-750 is an economical alternative to most pipeline cleaners due to its high dilution rates.

is a concentrated blend of liquid caustic soda with a gluconate chelating agent. Formulated as a penetrating heavy duty cleaner for all types of applications in the food processing, dairy, beverage and other general industry.


ALKACHECK is a heavy-duty alkaline boil-out, pipeline and soak cleaner containing caustic soda, wetting detergents, anti-soil redeposition agents, water softeners and chelants. Developed as a cleaner with applications in the food, dairy processing, and beverage industries.

ALKADET is a chlorinated alkaline heavy duty C.I.P. and bulk tank cleaner. Formulated with a blend of alkaline hydroxide builders, water softening agents, dispersants and chlorinating compound. ALKADET will provide  excellent butterfat saponification and milk protein soil detergency.

ALKACHLOR is a premium, concentrated alkaline detergent developed for cleaning applications requiring extra saponification, water softening and dispersing action along with sufficient amount of chlorinating agent to provide maximum cleaning potential at low dilutions. Product of choice for all C.I.P. and bulk tank-cleaning applications.

ALKAFORCE is a concentrated heavy duty chlorinated alkaline detergent intended for challenging applications when extra saponifying power is needed to remove butterfat soil and protein build up. ALKAFORCE is formulated as a balanced blend containing sodium hydroxide, phosphating agents to provide additional detergency and water softening capabilities along with anti-redeposition agents, dispersants and chlorinating compound.

ALKASHEAR is a concentrated heavy-duty caustic soda base cleaner formulated with water softening and chelating agents, anti-soil redeposition compounds and wetting agents. Product of choice for boil-out, soak or mechanical spray and circulating applications requiring a balanced heavy duty cleaner.

ALKASPRAY is a powdered alkaline chlorinated low foaming detergent containing phosphate builders, water conditioning agents, and a chlorinating compound. ALKASPRAY provides excellent detergency and brightening of stainless surfaces, equipment, trays and utensils.

is an economical, chlorinated, alkaline, CIP and bulk tank powder cleaner. ALKATERGE LS is formulated with a blend of alkaline hydroxide builders, water softening agents, dispersants and a chlorinating compound. ALKATERGE LS provides excellent milk protein and butterfat detergency.

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